Democracy Clubs

Democracy Clubs

Democracy clubs represent a way of active participation of young people in Drobeta-Turnu Severin community.

Along with the democracy hour taught between September 2015 and June 2016, High School students will be encouraged to create 3 democracy clubs, through which they can develop projects that may influence their community. With the support of the team members of the project through non-formal education methods, in an interactive and attractive way, the students will practice different activities, learn to turn ideas into reality and deepen the notions of democracy.

The students will enroll in democracy clubs based on an essay on participatory democracy and a letter of recommendation from a teacher. In every democracy club there will be involved around 50 students.

In the democracy clubs, the students:
– will learn to organize themselves in a group, to establish goals, to choose a form of leadership;
– will be informed on the method in which they can contribute actively in their society. The members of the democracy clubs will implement at least one project in which they will respond to problems identified in their own community;
– will attend the City Council meetings, activity which will facilitate their interaction with the decision factors in the city. At the weekly meetings, the students will inform each other about the problems identified in their town and will sustain their points of view with solid arguments;
– will constantly update the online platform section of the project that promotes their ideas and activities;
– will participate at the debates preparing sessions. Preparing sessions will have two components: public speaking techniques and speech argumentation. Students will work in teams of four, learning to rely on their colleagues. Students will learn about various topics, and they will form their own opinion, by building an convincing public speech.
– will be taught some theoretical notions of democracy within the hour, through non-formal methods, such as forum theater or public cafe.

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