Project Info

Project Info

Romanian society of today is dynamic and in constant change, which implies major changes on Romanian citizens at a social, economic and community level.

The ,,An hour for democracy” project aims to train and develop social-civic skills, necessary for the present young generation, for active participation in community life, contributing to the defense of the values and principles of freedom, pluralism, human rights and law.

The project draws attention to some negative aspects such as marginalization, exclusion, exploitation or discrimination, often encountered in a community that still has fragile notions of rights and obligations of a citizen, regardless of age.

The pilot program ,,An hour for democracy ” addressed to the youth of Drobeta-Turnu Severin was conceived as an education tool of responsibility, awareness and approach to social life, whose exercise is the community space. The novelty of this project it is represented by the dynamic approach of the knowledge gained and their implementation among the students from Drobeta-Turnu Severin, through interactive activities for awareness of the need for direct participation in all the aspects regarding the community to which they belong to.

The students involved will acknowledge the importance of active participation in the community life, through information, reflection, adopting attitudes, dialogue, decision and actions. The action begins with small but important values such as respect, honesty, trusting yourself and those around